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Upcoming Event: First Ever HackCT!

Connecticut’s makerspaces are joining forces to launch HackCT, a two-day hackathon event designed to solve problems faced by modern cities.

HackCT will take place on March 28 and 29, from 8 AM to 1 PM, at MakerspaceCT in Hartford.

Participating makerspaces include MakerspaceCT, Spark Makerspace, Maker’s Guild, and MakeHaven, Danbury Hackerspace, and NESIT.

The hackathon is part science fair and part software development event. It will offer a space for technology enthusiasts and makers to collaborate intensively on software and hardware projects.

The theme for HackCT is “smart, safe, and accessible cities.” Participants will work together to identify and solve the problems faced by commuters, workers, and residents in modern cities.

The goals of HackCT are to support innovation and to bring together Connecticut’s hardware and software developers, and Spark is thrilled to be part of such a dynamic event. We are excited for creative minds from makerspaces all across the state to come together, network, and collaborate!

For more information, check out the event website:

Interested makers, hackers, and software developers can register and buy tickets here:

General Admission tickets cost $20.

For student hackers, there are two student discounts. If cost may be a barrier to entry, enter the discount code that best suits your needs: "extreme50" for 50% off admission or "ultra100" for free admission.

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