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Spark Community Makes Multi-Media Quilt for Spark's New Home

In July 2020, Spark started their move to 7 Union Street, and although the building is still in the process of being renovated, Spark is already starting to make 7 Union Street feel like home. In Honor of Spark's recent move, makers from the Spark community were invited to contribute a 12" x 12" square to a multi media community quilt that would be displayed in Spark's new location. The theme of the quilt is "Home", and the quilt itself is comprised of various different media, Including Fabric arts, drawing and painting, photography, and glass blowing.

Spark community members were overwhelmingly supportive of Spark's effort to strengthen and grow their community and make 7 Union Street feel warm and welcoming. One community member wrote "We need to show New London what a great group of makers we are and inspire others to join us and be part of our community!"

from left to right Victor Filepp, Valerie Gilson, Winifred Bellefluer

These squares and many others are currently on display in the window of Spark's new home at 7 Union Street.

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