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Black Makers Matter

Spark Makerspace recognizes that our society’s ongoing legacy of inequality has systemically devalued the lives of Black people. We pledge to support our community and makers of color. We are dedicated to focusing on change for a more diverse, equal, and inclusive world. This begins with standing solidly with Black Lives Matter and dedicating efforts to build a more welcoming Spark. 

To that end:

  • We acknowledge that silence and inaction contribute to the maintenance of institutional racism.

  • We will encourage our members to reflect on the privileges and biases that white people have in our society so that these barriers to equality can be dismantled.

  • We will focus on establishing tangible goals to ensure community accountability, and address equity and justice for Black lives from within Spark.

  • We will practice a group process of decision making that includes listening, learning, and reflecting.

  • We will open channels of communication and invite critical dialogue between members and non-members of the Spark community.

  • We recognize these efforts must be ongoing and long term and we are committed to continuous improvement.

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