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3D Modeling

3D Printers

At the end of this month, Spark Makerspace will be holding a 3D Modeling Workshop on April 27 at 1:00 - 4:00 PM. For more information about this event please click on the following: link. We have several 3D printers at Spark for any of our members to use. The 3D Modeling workshop hopes to teach interested parties more about the 3D printing process and introduce them to Parametric Cad, a software which allows users to design a 3D object piece by piece. In the workshop, those signed up will use Parametric Cad to design a 3D object and then print it to one of Spark's 3D printers.

In the past, Spark community members have used these 3D printers on several occasions. Members have designed and created figurines from toy boats to a sleeping cat, puzzle pieces, and abstract shapes. These pieces can be printed in various colors including red, black, green, and blue. Even as I write this article one of our 3D printers is currently creating a new project, the soft humming providing a soothing background noise.

While these printers are relevant to 3D Modeling specific projects, members have also used the printers in combination with other work stations and materials at Spark. For example, Michael Molinari used the 3D printers to make several seam guides for the fiber area. During Electronics Night last year, several participants used the 3D printer. One participant used the printer for his innovation presentation, another printed a ring she had designed. There was a toy cat printed, as well!

3D Printed Projects

Knowing how to use a 3D printer is a relevant skill to have in the present day. This up-and-coming software has changed the innovation and DIY fields, now allowing creators to have access to complex design software in the comfort of their home. Additionally, this skill is impressive to have on your resume when applying to jobs or college. 3D printing is a simple, precise, and reliable software that can revitalize your work.

Spark is lucky to have access to such a versatile and rewarding piece of technology which can be used in a variety of artistic ways. We hope more of our current and future community members will utilize this equipment in the future and that anyone interested in learning more about 3D Modeling will sign up for the workshop on April 27. We hope to see you there!

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