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How Spark uses Facebook Community Page

In addition to Spark's main page on Facebook, we also have a Spark community page where teachers, members, and interns may share events, materials, and their work. Users use this page to advertise events which Spark community members may be interested in, including the Mammoth Makers Market and an Art & Feminism Edit-a-thon which both occurred this past weekend.

While the Community page is a place to advertise events in the local community, members also post about job opportunities and informational sessions. Additionally, Spark events are also publicized on this social media platform so members are made aware of which classes are available.

In the photos tab on this page, community members have posted their work from Spark classes ranging from stained glass panels, t-shirts, and paintings. One may also find photos from previous events. Members also ask other members for ideas and materials. This past Thursday, a member posted in the discussion forum asking anyone if they had a small button-maker. Community member Joseph Rivera, pictured above, commented that he had a button-maker! Thus, this page allows members to engage with one another and help each other in the creative process in a welcoming environment.

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