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Makers and Teachers of the Month

Spark would like to recognize the hardwork and devotion the following individuals have displayed this month.


Makers of the Month

Stu Sharack

Stu Sharack

Stu Sharak has been a working-member and volunteer since the very beginning of Spark. He contributed to the original community meetings and has become a vital member at Spark's location in New London, CT. Sharack monitors the front desk at Spark every Monday and gives impeccable tours to interested members on Saturdays. In addition, Sharack has taken on the daunting task of organizing the Electronics room at Spark. Filled with various equipment, technology, and cords this room is often in disarray and in need of organization. This fact, however, does not thwart Sharack from taking the time and effort to organize this space so that it can be highly effective for Spark Members.

John Davis

John Davis

Spark would also like to award John Davis as Maker of the Month for this work promoting Spark's mission statement through community engagement. Davis takes the time to travel to community spaces and organizations in New London county to spread information about spark Makerspace, make connections, and hang up Spark event flyers. Going forward, Davis hopes to table at these spaces to further spread awareness about Spark Makerspace. In this way, he has established community partnerships and public access for Spark through with public local libraries, historic societies, and TV broadcasts in the New London area.


Teachers of the Month

Electronics Team: John Scimone, Drew Gates, & Mike Molinari

John Scimone

John Scimone, Drew Gates, and Mike Molinari make up Spark's Electronics Team. Spark would like to honor these men with the distinction of Teachers of the Month for all which they have done for Spark. They are responsible for teaching workshops related to electronics and technology to members. Spark would like to recognize these three teachers for their devotion to organizing and teaching a wide range of classes and events. In Particular, they have taught a Tesla Coils and 3D Modeling Class, both of which met a great reaction from members and non-members. Members felt that Scimone, Gates, and Molinari exhibited down-to-earth and helpful teaching skills. Additionally, Scimone, Gates, and Molinari also coordinated On GoingElectronics Night and a Jackbox Game Night. In particular, they organized two successful Jackbox Game Nights on Bank Street which met with a warm welcome from the downtown community and all had a great time!

Drew Gates

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