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Volunteer Opportunities for Working/Scholarship Members

    In our early structure meetings for SPARK 2.0, we came to a consensus that working members are committed to volunteer hours each month. Your role plays an important part in the operations of Spark Makerspace, so we wanted to let you know about the different volunteering opportunities that we have. If you are considering proposing a working membership or a scholarship that requies a volunteer obligation, please pick from our list of volunteer options.   


Tasks include designing posters, graphics, and announcements for event postings. Volunteers will post these and work with the other marketing volunteers to coordinate a social media schedule. The marketing volunteer will pull photos of events, classes, and projects from the Spark business Facebook page and Spark Community page to curate an engaging Instagram feed. Other tasks include reporting on updates and announcements through writing blog posts and tailoring that content to be posted across other social media platforms as well. Additionally, the working member will re-post upcoming events on a variety of online platforms, taking the information from the Eventbrite and Facebook posts and making adjustments as necessary. 


As a Maker, you know we can all get a little messy. We ask our makers to leave a space cleaner than how they found it, but this does not always happen. The facilities volunteer will do general cleaning and vacuuming of our spaces. Helping out on garbage night (Monday and Thursday) is extremely helpful! 


Be the face of Spark! At the front desk, you'll answer the phones, speak with visitors, and do a variety of administrative tasks that keep the makerspace running.


We give tours of Spark every Saturday at 1 pm and 4 pm. Tours are essential in growing our membership. They provide a unique opportunity to share your love of making with members of the greater New London community! Tour script is available.


Spread the word about the Makerspace! Set up and work tables at community events, pass out flyers about Spark, recruit members, and help people sign up for classes. 


Join the Membership Drive, Halloween, or Fundraising Committee and help steer the makerspace as we expand over the coming year!


The most marketable and requested classes are intro classes. This is where we need the most help! Offering the classes below on a regular basis will help us keep our members learning and creating.


  • Intro to Screen Printing



  • Intro to Woodworking


Stained Glass

  • 2-day workshop


Fiber Arts

  • Intro to Sewing



  • Intro to Lightroom

  • Intro to Premiere

  • Photoshop Basics



  • Intro to 3d Modeling

  • Intro to Arduino

  • Intro to Raspberry Pie

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