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Full woodshop with power tools, band saws, planers, jointers, radial arm saw, and a large industrial table saw, plus plenty of workspace for robust woodworking projects.

Tools: band saws, planer, jointer, large table saw, power hand tools, Air tools, CNC (X-Carve), and more. Doors with key fob access for safety. Experienced woodworkers will have a check-out process and there will be certification courses for beginners.

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Woodshop Leads

Dan Flavin.jpg

Dan Flavin

Hi, I'm Dan. I 'm an experienced
carpenter and a jack of all trades.

Hi, I'm kate. I like being outside and playing games and petting kittens. I value collaboration that results in useful or beautiful things. I'm here to help make the woodshop an enjoyable, safe, and welcoming place to be.


Kate Berrigan


Jonathan Roussin

Hi, I'm Jonathan.  I'm here to help.

Hi I'm Jake. I make instruments.


Jacob Kaeser

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