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We are equipped with a rolling mill press, Yudu units, exposure light tables, a small darkroom for the photographic process of screen printing, and much more.

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Leads of the PRINTSHOP

Nike Desis

Hi, I'm Nike. I am interested in thoughtful, generous, and silly things. I like zines, candy, punchy, manifesto-like statements, and I'm a really good helper. I am also a lead of the printmaking station here, and can help you out whenever you have any questions about screen printing!


Hi, I’m Michaela — a lead-in-training in the printshop. I have a soft spot for the outdoors and all things portraiture, bookbinding and graphic design related. If you have any questions — don’t hesitate to ask! 

Julie Garay

Hi there, My name is Julie! I am a proud farmer/ gardener here in New London and I love getting involved and creating relationships in my community. I enjoy making individual art but also in partnership with folks, especially youth in New London. I am one of the leads of the printmaking station here, and I am down to share my knowledge as well as co-learn together. I am bilingual (english/spanish) so any support needed I'm here, hope to see you around!

Screen Printing Process Demo
by Nike and Casey

In this video, we will show you an overview of the photographic process of screen printing.
Sign up for our Intro to Screen Printing Class and explore this process with us! 

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