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Stained Glass Studio

This studio is fully-equipped for first-timers, novice, and advanced glass workers. For those with little to no experience, we’ve had great success with Spark’s workshops and classes. Students who attend the skill-based classes learn each step in pattern setup, cutting, grinding, soldering, and finishing as well as safety. We are expanding the offerings in this area to include mosaic making as well.

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Meet Our Lead



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Class Room Success

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We offer many beginner-friendly stained glass classes!


Our introductory Stained Glass Strip Panels 2-day workshop is one of our more popular classes, in which participants learn the steps of creating a stained glass project, from start to finish. They create a custom, colorful panel to hang in the window. 


Wa also offer a six-week introductory class that is more involved yet still perfect for a beginner. The student will be taught the skills of glass selection, pattern setup, scoring and breaking glass, grinding, foiling, soldering and framing to complete a stained glass panel from a selection of beginner-level patterns.

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