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Make a Fun Fleece Winter Hat

This video has been deleted.

Please follow along with Spark Maker Ashby Carlisle The hat we are making is made out of fleece. It can be worn in a number of different ways, and there are lots of different possibilities for embellishing it. $5 to watch/download and follow along!

Fun winter hat.png

Materials and Directions 





Sewing machine

Straight pins






Measuring tape or string




Craft yarn/ embroidery floss

½ yard fleece

30” x 2 ¼ “strip of cotton similar to quilting material


At least two full pages

One you are comfortable with using

Fabric shears

Optional for embellishments 


  1.  Measure head size and add 3”, 4”, or 5 “ (depending on how snug a fit you want). This is the circumference of the hat.

  2. Paper pattern – make a rectangle that is 18” tall by ½ the circumference of your hat. Fold the rectangle in ½ and draw half an arch on the top edge. Cut the half arch shape. Open up the pattern.

  3. Cut hat pieces

    • Fold fleece material. Place the 18” edge of the pattern on the fold. Pin. Cut out pattern (do not cut fold). Set aside.

    • Cut 9-10 fleece strips. 12” x 1 – 1 ¼ “ for top embellishment. I cut these strips free-hand.

    • Cut cotton strip one inch longer than your hat circumference and 2 ¼ “wide. 

  4. Sew

    • Take the hat fleece with right sides out. Sew ½” seam down the 18” straight sides. Trim the right side of the seam to ¼” inch. Fold the left side of the seam down flat over the right. Pin. Topstitch. ( A flat felled seam)

    • Cotton strip sews to the bottom of the hat for strength. Pin right sides facing in with extra cotton strip on both sides of the hat. Sew ½” seam. Sew the edges of the strip together close to the hat. Trim seam to ½”. Fold strip over the bottom edge. Fold under ½”. Pin in place and topstitch.

    • Fleece strips fold in half. Arrange folded edges of the strips along the right side of one top arch. Pin and stitch 3/8” seam allowance.

    • Turn hat inside out with right sides on the inside. Check that the strips are lying down flat inside the hat. Pin the front and back arches together. Sew 5/8” seam.

  5. Finish the top 

    • Turn the hat right side out. Tie a half knot in each set of fleece strips.

    • Wrap each fleece strip with craft yarn leaving one inch of fleece at the end.

    • Cut the one inch of each strip into 4 or 5 fringes.

  6. Roll up the bottom of the hat and wear.

Fun winter hat.png
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