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Make a Flanged Pillow

Flanged Pillow Class

Flanged Pillow Class

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Please follow along with Spark Maker Sherri and create a lovely, flanged pillow. You will learn the skills in class and be able to make more after. Dress up your living area the way you want! For this class you will need to know the basics of using a sewing machine.


Materials and Directions 


  • 1 pillow form - 12 x 12 inches 

    • (NOTE: these instructions are specifically for a 12 x 12 pillow form BUT I will give information on how to “translate” them to a different size form

  • ½ yard fabric or 2 “fat quarters” is using quilters cotton

    • If your pillow form is a different size, you will need more / less fabric.  You will need enough fabric for the largest dimension + 5 inches. 

    • For example if your pillow form is 18 X 18, you will need 23 inches or approx. 2/3 of a yard.  

  • Thread – to match or contract fabric, as desired



  • Sewing machine

  • Iron and surface on which to iron

  • A few straight pins

  • Fabric scissors

  • Yardstick, ruler or tape measure

  • Tailors chalk or washable fabric marker (optional)

  • Masking tape (optional)




  1. Iron out any major wrinkles from fabric

  2. NOTE: when cutting pieces, pay attention to the print or pattern on the fabric and take that into account when cutting

  3. Pillow Front - Cut 1 piece of fabric that is 5 inches larger than each dimension (for example, our pillow form is 12 x 12 so we would cut a piece that is 17 x 17)

  4. Pillow Back - Calculate dimensions of pillow back – will be 2 pieces

    • First dimension = 1 dimension + 5 inches (12 + 5 = 17 inches)

    • Second dimension = ½ the other side + 5 inches (6 + 5 = 11 inches)

    • So, with a 12 x 12 pillow form, we would need to cut 2 pieces that measure 17 x 11 inches

  5. Do a “rolled hem” along one of the 17 inch sides of each piece of the pillow back

  6. Place pillow front with right side facing you

  7. Place each of the 2 pillow backs (right side facing down) on top of the pillow front.  Note that there WILL be some overlap

  8. Pin the piece together all around the perimeter.  Stitch a ½ seam all the way around

  9. Clip the fabric out of the corners

  10. Turn the pillow right side out – press well!  Make sure that the seam is flat

  11. Mark 2 inches from the edge around the perimeter. 

  12. Stitch

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