Invest in Spark Makerspace's Bright Future!

This past year was challenging for so many of us! With the rise of vaccines, we are starting to see the world open up again, giving us all hope for a brighter and safer future.

We are thrilled to begin making with people again. We’ve so missed the personal connections. Spark is all about working together, hands-on learning, making friends, and meeting new people

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We at Spark postponed our 2020 annual appeal to respect the personal needs of our community as it confronted the traumas of the pandemic. With the future looking brighter, NOW is the time we could REALLY use your help to sustain our makerspace until we reopen and membership grows.

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Spark has experienced serious challenges this past year. With the country-wide financial loss, many memberships were put on pause, cutting our reliable revenue source in half. Our fundraising team worked hard to apply for grants, and while we deeply appreciate the grants we did receive, many funders pivoted their focus to the more immediate needs of the nation: food, housing, and access to health care.

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When we finally reopened and were prepared to safely take on new members,  Spark was halted by unforeseen State Street building issues and could not regain membership when we needed it most.

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While we navigated our pandemic issues, Spark worked virtually behind the scenes to build a new makerspace for the region at 7 Union Street, New London. We can’t wait to move into our new home where you will have:


  • Larger workshop spaces

  • Greater access to learning opportunities

  • Room for additional high tech equipment 

  • Youth access to programming

  • The ability for larger, local community collaborations and partnerships

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Please join us in rebuilding New London’s vibrant community. Donate to fund operations at our brand new makerspace.

We are looking forward to a bright and creative future!