Donation Wish List

As we prepare our new home we are busy cleaning and painting for a bright new Spark!

We need supplies to paint, scrape, rake, clean up the old and make the new!

We are asking could you make a financial contribution to our Facilities fund?

Or if you have a specific item on the list you'd like to donate please let us know HERE!

Paint & Primer 

Spark's biggest expense and what we need most is paint. We have over 24,000 sq ft of wall space to cover; that's 60 gallons each coat.

Donate towards Paint!



Retails: $1,735.50   

Weed Wacker

Do you have a gently used one or would you like to give us money towards one?


Retails: $229.00

Wall Painting Supplies

We need alot of painting supplies: Paint Roller Heads, Paint Roller Frames, Extender Sticks, Paint Tray, Drop Clothes, Brushes, Painters Tape


Retails: $603.92

Ceiling Tiles

Our drop ceiling have seen better days. Years of water damage have taken their toll. We have a brand new roof which will prevent any further damage but we have a lot of ceiling tiles to replace. Donate towards Ceiling Tiles-


Retails: $686.75

Yard Tools

We've never owned a property before and we do have a fair amount of outside upkeep. We need to purchase some basic yard tools (rakes, clippers, shovels...etc)

Donate towards Yard Tools!


Retails: $205.88

Wall Repair

The Bones of our new Build are strong, but the walls have seen better days. With cracks, scrapes, and holes, we have a lot of patching todo.


Retails: $136.84

Thank You Donors and Volunteers

Every donation, no matter how small, goes along way towards helping us build our new home and achieve our mission. To support  makers with the space, equipment, education, and community to create a spark in their creativity.