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Welcome to our Member Directory

This is an area of our website to showcase our members. We love who they are and what they create.  Note: This is just a featured selection of our maker community of 120 members, this page will be growing with time. 

ashby_NJC6005crop - Ashby Carlisle.jpg

Ashby Carlisle

I like to make sculptures. For me working sculpturally was a natural outgrowth from a childhood filled with outdoor freedom to dig in the dirt, build structures, and collect fascinating bits and pieces of nature. These experiences also led to my developing an intuitive sense for combining different materials and elements to create something larger than the sum of the parts. Over my career, I have used cloth, fiber, dyes, paint, wire, metals, wood, clay, stained glass, LED’s, and mountains of recycled paper and wheat paste to make sculpture.


Courtney Ignace

Food as art, oil painting, bread, graphic design, social practice.

Hi, I'm Courtney! I bring people together to share the beauty in the small things. Be it a tiny insect treat or the intricacies of a hand-made texture. My work takes many forms including food, social-practice, and painting. Most cardinal to all of my works are the themes of social cooperation and the carnal beauty of small objects and textures. I have a BFA in Art and Design from the Stamps School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan.





I have drawn since I was a child. An art teacher in grade school encouraged my mom to enroll me in art classes. I started with an oil painting class for adolescents and then continued to take classes throughout public school, contributing my art to school events, etc. I went to art schools in the Boston area and eventually found myself in Los Angeles, where I spent time as a designer for a lighting company. I have created concept art and illustration work as a freelance artist for clients in the jewelry industry and other products, as well local crafters.

8D37514F-7ED1-4795-81C1-3A9528B0C1CB - N



Nike Desis is an artist, writer, librarian, educator, and community organizer presently based in New London, CT.


She likes to work on: screen printing, preparing and sending mass mailings, collaging clothing, refashioning fashion, writing essays, and making zines. In this work, Nike often uses corporate/ popular imagery and curates content outside of algorithms with a spirit of sharing and generosity. Nike is also always studying group work- both in practice and through workshops, observations, interviews, research, and readings.... read more

Examples of my work


Maritza Vargas

Fiber arts, sewing, crafting and more!

"I'm a self taught fiber artist and crafter."

drew1 - Drew Gates.jpg



3D Printing / Electronics

Hi, I'm Drew. I tinker with Rasberry Pis, Arduinos, and 3D printers. Ask me about open source software, bash scripting, and web development! If you have any questions, I can usually be found at Thursday-night Spark Electronics meetups.

laughing_heather_20200117_163911_0 - Max



Fluid Acrylic Art, Mixed Medium, Incidental Art, Wood, Glass and Metal Work.

Non-binary artist and parent, creating and making in fluid acrylic abstract art and mixed mediums.




I am interested in all creation of art. Photography based digital creation is where I primarily work.

"A poet has said: “The loveliest music is the one that cannot be played.” And I, I daresay that by far the best life is the one that cannot be lived." —C.P. CAVAFY

Sample of my work


Casey Spec


Casey Spec is an author, painter, video and performance artist. He currently lives in New London CT. Casey is the executive director of Spark Makerspace and an artist in residence at Hygienic Art.

The work he creates is a theatrical analysis of human tragedy.  In his work, life is comical, dramatic, and heart breaking and his art imitates this.  Casey Spectacular creates a soap-opera world of characters marred by smudged mascara, cigarette breath, and social ineptitude.  Though loud and needy, they are never as important as what surrounds them.  He is a storyteller - he turns everyday life into a theater of the absurd. his art is a celebration of human imperfection while being as gritty and cheap as a VHS tape.

photo_2020-02-17_13-30-33 - John Scimone



I love making things out of technology! I often make things out of circuit boards, 3D printing, Arduinos, and Raspberry Pis. I'm interested in expanding what I can do with wood and metal.


"Robots and roombas,

Tin whiskers and DIP pins,

Bright copper traces and laser-cut tail fins,

Rube Goldberg mobiles suspended by strings,

These are a few of my favorite things!"

Mike Molinari.jpg



I'm a mad scientist! ROBOTS ROBOTS ROBOTS! Ask me about 3D printing!

Mike is a co founder of AutoDrop3d.

5192B8EA-1879-4A1C-80E7-421BBD33F008 - B


Comics, painting, graphic design, marketing, community organization

Making comics and a wide variety of art!

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