7 Union Street

Spark’s FOREVER Home  

With 9400 square feet, YOU will have

  • Increased workstations and studio space to learn, teach, and use for personal projects.

  • Space for new technology and tools to keep us up to date and moving forward

  • Greater access to classes through increased class sizes

  • Community space for gatherings and events for both small and large groups.

  • Space for additional workstations such as a spray booth or prototype lab

  • Flexible space and environment to accommodate New London’s future needs

  • AND space where Spark can invite youth to participate in our community culture through programming, events, and activities.


Spark has found a rare gem on Union Street. It is right in the heart of New London which is essential to the community impact we strive to achieve and being right downtown makes it an accessible and walkable location.


Thanks to Thames River Innovation Place’s (TRIP) generous support, Spark Makerspace, and two member investors formed an LLC and purchased Union Street in July 2020. The new building is presently being renovated with the first floor and storefront occupancy scheduled for late Fall 2021.


TRIP is a great partner, and we are looking for community support to help match TRIP’s financial commitment to Spark’s new home.  So, each donation will be 100% matched, doubling the dollars available to reach our goal.


Spark would also like to thank The Cooperative Fund of New England, Chelsea Groton Bank, The Harkness Foundation, The Betts Family, and many others who have joined us to make Spark’s Vision – To be a vibrant, community hub for making, creativity, and collaboration in southeastern CT- come alive.

DONATE TODAY to join our growing community of supporters. THANK YOU!!!

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Updates from our project lead John Davis


 "The Facilities Committee is happy to report that over the summer, almost all of the work planned for the Phase 1 renovation of 7 -13 Union Street has been completed!  

     Since the completion of the new roof last winter, we have installed all new aluminum thermal pane exterior windows and led by Ashby, refurbished the exterior of the storefronts and the main entrance (both inside and out).  This summer an entirely new heating and cooling system were installed with 7 different zones on the first floor, and our electrician contractor consolidated our electrical system to a single meter, 400 amp multi-phase service.  The plumbing company renovated the 2 first-floor bathrooms, enlarging and making one of them ADA compliant, and additionally deactivated the 2 old furnace systems that will no longer be used.

     Inside, the 3 storefronts were connected with a corridor, the storefronts were connected to the main building with a new passageway, a new enclosed stairwell to the basement was built, and leads like Vic, Val, Sherri, and Melinda have finished the interior renovation and painting of their Fiber Arts and Stained Glass departments.  Work has also begun on opening Electronics, Woodworking, Printmaking, and 1st-floor Co-working.  Our attention will now turn to making slight improvements to the front of the 2nd floor, which will house Audio Visual, Drawing and Painting, 2nd-floor Co-working, and Casey's office and meeting space.

     Thank you to all of the member volunteers who have pitched in this past year to help make this dream of Spark's come true. 

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